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Athlete's Reminder: "You can either find a way or you can find an excuse, but you can't do both."

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One-Time Full Pitching Assessment

This is a comprehensive mental and physical skills lesson designed to complement,

not replace, your work with your pitching coach!


Baseball and softball are the only sports where the defense holds the ball and gets to aggressively initiate the action! Do you know how to take advantage? Do you know how to give your best effort one pitch at a time? If so, then you are in control of yourself before each pitch, completely focused and confident. If not, Coach Traub can clarify how to practice these skills.


Invest $100 and two hours of your time

...and you will know precisely how to give your best effort on one pitch, accept whatever happens, and do it again!


The lesson includes: 

Þ 1-1 Mental Skills Training

Þ Eight Mental Skills of Great Athletes Assessment

Þ Commit to a Great Plan (Pitch & Location)

Þ Routine for a pitch; Pre-game routine; Gathering Routine

Þ Consciously increase confidence by thinking like Michael Jordan and Greg Maddux

Þ Block out distractions from the present, past, and future

Þ Values exercise to clarify your priorities

Þ Know yourself (no perfect, primal, or prayer pitching)

Þ Complete Mechanics Video Analysis, too.

This is a one-time, two-hour pitching lesson at my home/office and back yard in The Colony. There is homework to be completed before attending.