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Athlete's Reminder: "You can either find a way or you can find an excuse, but you can't do both."

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puzzle3This program takes positive coaching and the toolbox of applied sport psychology in the style of Coach Traub’s Mental Skills Training to coaches who are in the field and on the court at the youth, high school, collegiate, and professional levels.  


The Performance Consulting mission is to over-deliver value on the goods and services we provide to help athletes ‘win’ the mental side of the game. The prospective Certified Positive Coach should agree with this mission and be excited about helping athletes get what they want from their efforts. This program teaches positive mental training distinctions that will help this happen faster!



  • Culture Shaping Strategies for Performance Enhancement and Personal Growth
  • Positively motivate your athletes to achieve their goals
  • Maximize the rate of learning at your practices
  • Boost confidence
  • Turn hard work into fun work
  • Promote positive thinking patterns under pressure: "Play to Win" as opposed to playing not to lose
  • Increase enjoyment and satisfaction for you and your athletes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Recognition at
  • Access to certain Coach Traub electronic files
  • Primary benefit: the knowledge that you don't merely talk about making a positive impact on young athletes, you actively work towards that goal.

Gold Level

Designed as an introduction to Applied Mental Skills Training, the gold level requires one book to be read (or dvd watched) and approximately six to eight hours of additional written assignments and private discussions about these worksheets with Coach Traub.

• Pay a fee of $149 or host a Coach Traub qualifying event.
• Read Coaches Guide to Winning the Mental Game by Coach Traub or watch the 3-hour DVD that is inside the back cover of the book, or read Leadership Training for Baseball or Leadershp Training for Softball.
• Complete five worksheets based on coaching experiences and the book or dvd.
• Complete 3 private training sessions in person or by phone with Coach Traub, approximately 45 minutes each.

Approximate Time Required to Complete Certification Program: 3 weeks. Maximum: 6 weeks.

Silver Level

Coach Traub strives to over-deliver value to all who attend his camps and seminars, including parents and coaches. All coaches who attend a Coach Traub event that has a minimum of 1 hour of Mental Skills Training receive his positive coaching certification at the silver level.

Congratulations to these coaches who have completed the Gold Level program:

Nick Hayes, Football and Baseball

Morgan Madden, Lacrosse

Meg Chetwood, Volleyball

Becca Collom, Softball

Austin Busse, Baseball

Robert Lindemann, Baseball

Cali Burke, Softball

Cody Kuecker, Baseball

Marissa Koetting, Softball

Jeb Clay, Wrestling and Baseball

Sarah Lankford, Softball

Megan Haas, Sport Psychology