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Athlete's Reminder: "You can either find a way or you can find an excuse, but you can't do both."

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Is your team under-performing? Do you need a quick fix? Bring Coach Traub in for one practice and he’ll help your team turn it around.  Do you want a guarantee?  If you’re not satisfied with the changes your team makes after this event, you get your money back – 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

This event requires a staff meeting with Coach Traub before he visits with the team.

Cost: $499 + travel

"The day after our team visited with Coach Traub, we came back from a five-run deficit to win a district game. That made a believer out of me." - Kyle Lafevers, HS Baseball Coach



Coach Traub prefers to work with individuals for at least 4 sessions and you don't have to be sick to get better, but some people just want to get out of a funk! You may choose a single meeting for this purpose with Coach Traub for $149. This is a two-hour session that requires a homework assignment before attending. This consultation will clarify for you the folly of your thinking patterns that led you to this current “slump” and provide you with strategies to perform better immediately.

If you attend a slump buster and decide you want to stay on for a season package of individual consulting, the $149 paid will be credited towards the $499 fee.


A 1-year contract for physical and mental training and recruiting advising is $2,000.

The one-year consulting contract includes 36 training sessions for mental and physical skills. This if for baseball or softball, and excludes softball pitching. This program will include homework assignments, retainer rights for 24/7 phone and e-mail availability, and college search advising and promoting (when appropriate).