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puzzle2“Aaron does a great job of presenting valuable information in a way that players can relate to and put to use.”

-Steve Smith, Head Coach, Baylor University Baseball



This Program is Baseball Only and Limited to Sophomores and Juniors Only

Don’t let someone take advantage of you because you are pursuing a dream.
Don’t be fooled by empty promises.
Pay for this recruiting services ONLY after your goals are met!!!!!!!

Parents, the first rule for earning a scholarship is for your son to make himself into a collegiate level student and athlete. If he is committed to that goal, quality mental skills training WILL aid the process. Coach Traub will work for your son for 1/3 of his standard rate with the intent of helping him earn a baseball scholarship. He will tell you where he believes he can play (see the levels below), and if you like these possibilities and want to sign up, they will go to work together. As they do, you will only be charged for the time that he and Coach Traub are together training his skills, and that time will be at 33% of the standard rate, or $25/session. They will need to work together a minimum of once per month. Coach Traub will also work behind the scenes to get him signed at no up-front cost to you. Additionally, he will guide your son on appropriate letters and phone calls to make, and serve as an “advisor” through the process of visiting schools. HE WILL NOT write letters for your son. The student-athlete must be actively invested in this process. If he is likely to get drafted by a major league organization, this service does not cover the “advising” that an agent would do, but it does serve a similar advising role for maximizing the college scholarship.

If you sign a National Letter of Intent at the level of school we’ve agreed to or higher, and only if this happens, then participants in this program agree to pay the rest of Coach Traub's regular rate plus a $500 bonus. To recap, Coach Traub works for $75/session (average 75 minutes), but if you don’t reach your goal level for signing at a school then you only pay $25/hour. If you do, then and only then you pay the difference towards the full rate plus the $500 bonus. For example, if you met with Coach Traub every other week for 6 months, you’d pay $25 each visit. Assuming this was 13 sessions, you would owe me the other $50 per visit ($650) plus the $500 bonus when your son happily signed. In this case, you’d get a scholarship that could save you $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more for $1,150.

See the contract here:

Recruiting Service Contract.doc

Level of schools are as follows:
Level 1: DIII Walk-on / Northern school spot on the team
Level 2: DIII NCAA or JUCO Guaranteed spot on the team
Level 3: Scholarship at a JUCO or recruited walk-on at a DI (not Big DI), or scholarship at a DII or NAIA school.
Level 4: Scholarship at a “mid-major” DI, or Ivy League school LOI, or Big DI recruited walk-on.
Level 5: 25% Scholarship to a Big DI school or 50% at another DI school.
Level 6: 50% Scholarship to a Big DI school.
Level 7: 75% Scholarship to a Big DI school.
Level 8: 100% Scholarship to a Big DI school.

Percent scholarship is based on that school's tuition, room, board, and books.

Big DI is a list of about 50 schools. This list is all of the Big XII, SEC, ACC, Pac 10 schools, plus Rice, Notre Dame, East Carolina, Tulane, Creighton, TCU, LA-Lafayette, and Coastal Carolina.

If you have serious interest in this program, contact Coach Traub at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. After a discussion, you will have to submit some paperwork, then arrange an interview for your son with Coach Traub. Obviously this starts the process of finding a level that is attractive to you and realistic to Coach Traub. You will have to find a way to show Coach Traub your son's current physical skill level. For example, you could sign up for the pitching assessment or attend Coach Traub Showcase. Other options exist, depending on Coach Traub's schedule. Then he will propose a level that he believes he can help your son get signed. If you approve and your son is ready to commit to the process, they will get to work and make it happen!