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Intern with Coach Traub

Coach Traub is looking for interns who want to use their unique gifts and passion to help him and his team help athletes ‘win’ the mental side of the game.

The benefits of interning with Coach Traub include:

  • Practical mental skills coaching training AND experience
  • Development of personal and professional skills
  • Marketing experience
  • Personal growth
  • Valuable relationships and networking
  • Opportunity to work from anywhere.


Instead of posting available positions, here are the skills and passions I am looking for:           


  • Desire to coach mental toughness, personal growth, and to help people get what they want from their sport experience
  • Energy
  • Communication Skills
  • Marketing Interest and Skills
  • A working knowledge of mental skills training for performance enhancement
  • Completion of Coach Traub's Positive Coaching Certification Program. This can be completed after acceptance into the internship program (no fee).


  • Event planning
  • Social media marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Video production and editing
  • Audio production and editing
  • Graphic design
  • Writing Skills
  • Creative people who want to change the sports world from one that has too much frustration and negativity to one that is filled with joy.

If you possess one or more of the skills listed above then submit your cover letter and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, include a short essay or video that describes how you can help him make a difference, and if you could design your ideal internship what would it look like?


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are interns paid for their work? In the past, interns have not been paid by the hour or by the project, but have occasionally generated income for themselves on certain projects. Interns with should not be motivated by financial gains. The benefits they receive are primarily experience, opportunities, and growth. The hours available are not guaranteed from week to week and can vary greatly depending on the projects assigned. Acceptance into this program may require anywhere from 15-40 hours per week. Hours and income possibilities are discussed at length during the interview process. 

Do I have to move somewhere to be an intern? No.

How long are the internships? The minimum duration is two months and the maximum is four months. The typical internship has been college students or graduate students interning for the summer. Semester internships can potentially earn college credits.

Will interns work directly with Coach Traub? Exclusively, via phone, email, Skype and in person.

What will the work entail? This depends on the skills and goals of the intern. Possibilities include accompanying Coach Traub to consulting programs and events, developing online content, planning local events, developing creative growth potentials, and networking.

All accepted interns will be trained and certified in Coach Traub’s philosophy of teaching mental skills for performance enhancement and personal growth. There is a maximum of three interns per summer. Coach Traub devotes a lot of time to their development and leans on their perspectives for service and product development.


Cali Burke playing infield 

Cali Burke, All-Conference Infielder, Northwestern State University

 Internship Conclusion letter Burke