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"Coach Weintraub turned our season around." -Ashley Killgore

"Coach Traub’s mental skills training gives athletes an edge over their competition." -Heath Autrey


I have been coaching most of this group for over ten years and all but two have received baseball scholarships. They can all play, what frustrated me the most was how to get them be mentally focused, to have the knowledge, to fix problems when they happen.

We’ve tried many things over the years, but our one-day workshop with you, Coach Traub, was the best thing I’ve ever had my team do.

My wife, who attended, consults in the corporate world for over 25 years, said that it was better than some similar things she’s seen done that cost $5,000 or more a day.

The kids really bought into it, and it showed on the field. Dustin had been struggling with his confidence before the workshop, but in our first game after it, he threw a one-hitter, I ask him what changes he made, he said he started trying to throw through the mitt. And staying focused and relaxed..

He wasn’t the only one. After battling through a very long at-bat and then hitting a triple, Logan told me at third that the breathing and focus stuff really works! I have not seen Logan play better in the last 3 years. On another occasion, Tylor hollered “Don’t walk him” and sure enough, we walked him. I told him it is just like Coach Traub had warned use, and Tylor suggested that what I should have said something else like “go after him” or “you got this,” he made the adjustment himself.

After I told Bryson to "see it and hit it” like I often do, you could see is body language change he was more relaxed and he hit the ball hard. Just about 400 feet over center field wall. He told me that he finally understood why I had been telling him that all these years it was great to hear the players in the dugout talking about knowing their job and doing their job. You know you’ve got a great group of players when they play this game excited like mine were about getting better and playing the game the right way.

My only regret about this workshop is that we didn’t do it sooner. Coach Traub, I know that there is no quicker way to lose credibility than by misleading someone, but what you did for my Team on and off the field in one day was unbelievable.

Thank You!
Rusty Halverson, Oklahoma Panthers

Note: This followed a one-day workshop in Plano that included classroom time and on-field training.


"Aaron… we really enjoyed and found great value in your training session. We were very pleased with our performance at the showcase, winning all our games. More importantly, our girls played very freely the entire weekend. Not much noticeable mental stress nor physical/mechanical breakdown. Two of the games were especially rewarding coming from behind to win. We reminded each other to be our best right now, and then do it again and again. The weekend (definitely including our time with you) was fun stuff!"


"After our workshop with you, the girls actually went out and fell into a 5-0 hole and we continued to preach focus and positive attitude and they battled back to win and go undefeated for the weekend. They must have listened a little more than I thought because I heard alot about good body language and positive thinking all weekend. These kids suprise me all the time. In addition to that, Jessica struggled with the pressure of exposure, but she kept working at it and eventually impressed the Ranger College coach enough to make her an offer.
As usual , you "over delivered value" and I would like you to keep in touch with me about your schedule for the remainder of the summer just in case we can get together again. What you offer is a great benefit to these kids. Thanks."


"I enjoyed the camp yesterday very much coach and thanks for dropping my helmet by Rudy's too. Hopefully I'll be able to attend more of your camps in the future. The schools/coaches you had there really made it fun and the format was a lot more fun that others I've been to."


“You said we could and would upset Poteet (ranked #1 in the state - baseball 2008 playoffs), but I wasn’t sure. Then you told us how and I believed. Then I led off the seventh of Game 3 with a double over the center fielder and then scored the winning run. We did it! It was the greatest feeling in the world! I know I earned it, but I certainly appreciate your help.”


"We had our first game yesterday since your meeting. Wow - there was a noticeable difference. No fighting or bickering in the dugout. It was actually pleasant. Not perfect, but a great step in the right direction. We won 11-4."


"Coaches, thanks for the camp today. It was great. I appreciate the work and drills you all did to help Brandon."


"In her final event of her high school career, the 1600, she got the GOLD and set a NEW 1A State Record breaking the 11 year old previous record by more than 2 seconds! I have no doubt that the sessions she took with you gave her the skills to do her very best for that race! Thanks again for everything and have a wonderful Holiday Season!"
"Thanks for visiting with the guys on Monday. We scored 2 runs in the 5th to tie the game and 4 in the 6th to win it. It was a tough night at the plate but the kids kept battling and referring to 'flush it' all night. Thanks for the help." -Martin Dean
"Coach Traub... Just wanted to tell you Chandler had some very positive things to say afterwards. For that type of response from him, he must have had a productive time. He has attended a few of these showcase camps with other hosts with not the same feedback from him at all. He has followed up with an email to all the coaches. Coach Malone from TAMU-CC really left an impression on him. Anyway, we will watch for any of your future camps."
“The day after your Performance Enhancement Seminar our team came back from 6 runs down and won.”

“One of the players who attended the seminar on Sunday night went 3 for 4 last night with a Grand Slam and 2 doubles. Not bad for the #9 hitter who was fighting for a starting position.”


"Thank you for your tips on hitting! I got up to the plate today and I was relaxed and calm. I hit a triple past 2nd and then it went past right. And hit a solid grounder to short, and walked and popped out. I am alot more confident!"


"Coach Traub, I just wanted to let you know that Dalton signed with Northwood University last month. I figured you would like to know since Dalton came through a few of your camps. I truly believe that his exposure to Northwood at your camps help facilitate him getting signed there. Thanks again!"

"Thanks Coach Traub, for the Elite Mental Training Class. Tiger and I really enjoyed meeting you and your training class. Tiger was very skeptical before the class. He walked out with a positive attitude about the class and with ideas he plans using to get ready to get back on the mound. Thanks again."
"Thank you for coming out yesterday. I had some of my senior players actually thank me after practice for having you come out and talk. Amazing. Can you send me the list of "bad words" you mentioned yesterday? Again thanks." -Rick Robertson
"Thank you for the speech you gave at Plano high school today. Some of the things you said really made an impact."
"Aaron has a great understanding about how to communicate with young athletes in terms that work for them. He was able to help our players overcome some ‘mental bad habits’ that were hindering their ability to reach their physical potential and play at their best. I also think that he instilled some life lessons that will help them be successful in anything they do in the future."
-Diane Seymour, UTA Volleyball Head Coach
"Thank you for all that you contribute. You have garnered a reputation hands above the rest, and a lot of trust among parents AND athletes. You are truly a gem in a field of rough chunks of coal."
"...just want to take a moment to tell you how wonderful your mental skills newsletters are.  They have been helpful to Erin at some very key times."
"Our girls really like Coach Traub and we definitely benefit from working with him. He gets to know me and my staff and makes it easier for us to get the girls to just do their job to the best of their ability. I like his no excuses style and his ability to get right to the point of the issues we are dealing with." -Debbie Hedrick 
"We have a senior at Midlothian High School and have attending both Coach Traubs Performance Enhancement Seminars and the baseball camps he puts on. They are well worth the money time and effort spent. Beside being seen by college coaches that could be interested in your son, the evaluation on what you need to work on is invaluable. Most parents make the mistake of not taking advantage of professional coaching and experience than can be gained through camps and seminars. My son will be attending Howard Junior College for the next two years on a full ride. You never know unless you take advantage of coach Traub's expertise!!"
"Thanks again for speaking at our convention, Aaron! You did a brilliant job and thanks again for your book!" -Tim Mead, President, American Baseball Coaches Association
"Coach Weintraub gets to know our coaches and players, which gives him the insight necessary to develop and deliver strategies and tactics we can use to maximize our on-field performance. Texas Glory has had over four years of expererience and success with Aaron. We look forward to his continued help." -Kevin Shelton
"Thanks for all the emails and updates over the last two years. I was the Detriot Tigers 1st pick, second round, for the 2012 draft. Working my way up from the bottom now but loving the opportunity." -Jake Thompson
"You are good as I've been told. I appreciate what you do. I like your approach, as I feel many in your position are a little too soft which makes them popular with the athlete but also a crutch. You are stern with your expectations and I like that." -Glenn Moore, Baylor Softball

Thank you for tonight. I know you're probably still up there [at school], but I just got home and realized how much you know about what you do. Thank you for coming and sharing your knowledge, and I hope it has impacted more members of our team because if it did, I believe we will now be much stronger as a whole."


"My son Jacob Harris and I enjoyed your seminar very much. You hit the head on the nail on several things I have believed in myself. I can see why you enjoy your job. It must be very fulfilling. I have spent many years on the fields and in the gym with my son coaching youth sports. I was very glad to hear that I was using the same kind of thinking that you communicated in your seminar. Thanks."


"My son and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and have benefited greatly from the information and techniques you shared. I am applying them in my everyday business affairs and I can tell a huge difference in Jared and his attitude, especially when his performance is not what he would like for it to be. He has mellowed out a lot and the "emotional valleys" are not as deep as they once were. Thanks so much and keep up the good work. 


"I would like to thank you for speaking to our team this year. I truly believe it helped and will help us in the future. It has helped me in more ways than one. As of right now, I am playing some of the best baseball I have ever played. My focus is there, I am preparing differently than I used to, and my attitude couldn’t be better, and I believe you are the reason for a lot of my success."  [Of course that's not true and I told him so, but it was nice of him to say.]


Coach Traub,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I am Eddie Saenz Manager of the Cy-Fair Intruders 2000 tournament softball team. 12U Division. We have been applying the "space" method thinking and Sock / Shoe goals for every practice and tournament since your clinic here at Dyess Park. We placed 1st this weekend in an NIT tournament.  Played some of the top ranked teams in our division.  We lost our first bracket game by 1 run. But the awesome thing is when the girls expressed during the after game huddle "We are not worried about the Win or Loss, we are successful either way as long as we gave 110%"
We have implemented the 1-0 goal record for each game.  The last one means nothing going forward, starting at 0-0 record every game.
Proud moment.... Just wanted to thank you for the mindset.
Best Regards,
Eddie Saenz