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Goals: great team chemistry and a culture of excellence.

Method: either have great leaders or build them.

Coach Traub wants to support your work and his Captain's Council training series is a great way to make an impact on your department. A typical schedule is weekly meetings for four weeks before or after school. Leaders from each sport may attend. The first meeting is 90 or 120 minutes. Each following meeting is 60 minutes. There is a small amount of homework to be completed so that the time in class can constantly be interactive.

Typically, this is for high schools within Coach Traub's local DFW area. Travel fees do apply.

Total cost is $999

This training is often part of a Coach Traub Partnership with an athletic deparment or club. For a full menu of services for high school level athletics, click: pdfCoach_Traub_Menu_of_Services_-_HS.pdf.