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Athletic Banquet Speaker
Coach Traub’s Keynote Speech takes you behind the scenes into the world of Peak Performance with elite athletes. You’ll hear stories about how some of the best athletes in the world learned to win the mental game.

Coaching Clinic Speaker
Some of Coach Traub's past presentation titles were:

  • Creating an Ideal Performance State
  • Motivating Today's Athletes
  • Winning the Mental Game at Practice
  • Empowering Culture-Defining Leaders in an Age of Entitlement
  • Coaching the Mental Side of the Game
  • Tools for Your Performance Toolbox: Self-Talk, Imagery, and Routines 

Coach Traub spoke at the NFCA (National Fastpitch Coaches Association) Convention in December, 2013 and for the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association in January, 2014.

Here's a past: pdfSoftball_Coaching_Workshop_Brochure.pdf


Corporate Motivational Speech

Would your employees would rather hear about sales or sports? Jack Welch or Jack Nicklaus? The translation from sports performance to sales or from football teamwork to corporate teamwork is obvious. Coach Traub makes a discussion about positive attitude and a relentless approach fun! Rates and services vary, so contact Coach Traub to see if what he can provide meets your needs.

"My wife, who attended the seminar, consults in the corporate world for over 25 years. She said that it was better than some similar things she’s seen done that cost $5,000 or more a day."