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Athlete's Reminder: "You can either find a way or you can find an excuse, but you can't do both."

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Crisp. Convenient. Inspirational.

A library of short audio lessons for today's most competitive athletes.


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Coach Traub's Elite Athlete Audios share the mental strategies of the greatest athletes in the world with you! Each of the first nine audio lesson is under five (5) minutes long. The next nine range from 5-11 minutes each.  Click here (Baseball) (Softball) to get these .mp3 files. The audios are not sport specific.


Currently available:

1) Mental Toughness

2) Success

3) Confidence

4) Attitude

5) Focus

6) Courage

7) Leadership

8) Perspective

9) Gratitude

10)  Awareness

11) Consistency

12) Ideal State

13) Routines

14) Gathering

15) Poise

16) "Bad" Words

17) "Act as if..."

18)  Overcoming Obstacles



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Listen now:

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Elite Athlete Audio #1 - Mental Toughness


Feedback for EAAs:

"I'm a father and a coach and these audios are convenient and just what my kids need."

"I'm a collegiate athlete and I love how Coach Traub is so positive and builds on top of the things I already know."

"I work hard. Now I know where to find the details I need to perform confidently and consistently."

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All are available on CD or as downloadable .mp3 files at:


Email your suggestions for future Elite Athlete Audios to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.