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You do literally hunderds of things impressively well,

but did you lose your last game last season?

This question begs another:

Would you have won more often

if you had invested more time into

mental skills training?

To:      Coach Sample

From:   Aaron Weintraub

            Performance Consultant


Your program will receive consulting services for the purpose of training mental skills from Aaron Weintraub in 2-3 day periods during the 2017-18 school year. Mental skills training is designed for both performance enhancement and personal growth, with leadership development, improved team chemistry, accelerated learning, and more consistent effort and performance being typical goals for this work. The fee for these services is $1,600 for the first trip and $375/day for each additional trip within the school year plus travel expenses from Dallas, TX.

This fee also includes the following products:

  • Leadership Training for Baseball or Leadership Training for Softball
  • An Elite Athlete’s Manual for Training Mental Skills
  • Elite Athlete Audios
  • Motivational Cues, including "Best Effort - One Play at a Time" Wrist Bands and “Forgive – Nobody’s Perfect” stress toilets.

You can view descriptions of the books and audios that come with this partnership at or

  • Email, Phone and Skype access to Coach Traub for your players throughout the school year.

Coach Traub's Consulting Details for a baseball or softball team:

Level 1 Mental Skills Training

Team setting

The goal here is to clarify the thought patterns of the greatest athletes in the world. This also includes a discussion of common distorted thinking patterns and "curse" words to avoid both in speech and thought (see list of words at end of this document). When time permits, mental skills such as goal setting and imagery are explored. Team building activities are also included.

Level 2 Mental Skills Training

Small group or individual setting

This training works with individuals or groups (typically small groups) in situation-specific challenges to giving a best-effort performance. Knowing what to do is just the first step. Helping student-athletes to overcome their weaknesses and do what they know is where the rubber hits the road. This includes awareness exercises and strategy development for tapping into personal power to consistently excel both in practices (getting better, faster) and in competition (best effort under pressure). 

Programming Possibilities

Philosophy of Coaching Round Table Discussion  

Level 1 Team Training

Team building activities

Practice Observation and Video Analysis

Level 1 Team Training

Level 2 Training for Pitchers

Level 2 Training for Hitters

Personalized Mental Training Goals

Team building activities - Going on a mission 

This is a guided process where student-athletes explore their own values, then write their own mission statement for the season.

Individual meetings with all or targeted athletes.

Practice Observation and Video Analysis

Progressive Relaxation, Affirmations and Guided Imagery (Separately for pitchers and hitters)

Individual Goal Setting

Captains Council

Leadership Strategies

Staff development

Staff and underperformers Ingredients of Change




For additional information about Aaron Weintraub, click here. Also, if you would like to purchase books or view any videos of Coach Traub at one of his Mental Skills Coaching Workshops, you may purchase it and that price will be deducted from his consulting services if you decide to hire him.



Single Team Visits

All events include mental skills training and (if requested) team building activities and some short individual player meetings.

  • Practice Workshop $499
  • Mental Toughness Boot camp (2-3 days) - see above
  • Team Follow-ups $249/visit
  • Team Peak Performance Camp $999*

*If you’d like to host a public Coach Traub’s Peak Performance Camp, that is surprisingly simple to do, and if there is profit over the team rate, the host team gets it!

Slump Buster – click here 

Baseball/Softball Team Peak Performance Camp Details – click here

Full Performance Enhancement Seminars click here

# of participants                       Performance Seminar Price
One team                                   $499
One organization, multiple teams    $999 *
Team Follow-ups                          $249/visit**

*Multiple teams from the same school or the same organization may participate in this workshop and share the cost.

**One follow-up visit for the host team is included in the organizational Performance Enhancement Seminar.


SMALL GROUP TRAINING (up to 8 athletes)

Coach Traub is available for group lessons at the rate of $100/hour + travel.  There is a 1.5 hour minimum.

Travel Fees

Within DFW $25-50

Travel to Austin, TX $150 *

Travel to Houston, TX $175 *

Travel to San Antonio, TX $175 *

Travel to other cities varies

* includes one night

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